NLOMA Conference 2021

The time has arrived for you to register to attend the 2021 NLOMA Conference!

The dates are February 14-17, with JR from February 18-19. Attached is a Registration Packet with lots of information about the location, program, and details concerning the registration process.

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Emerging Leaders Application

Be sure you have also renewed, or created, your NLOMA membership.

This way you will get the Member level pricing. Non-member rates are $100 higher than member rates for the conference, which is the same as a Level C NLOMA membership. So, just become a NLOMA member! Renew or create a NLOMA membership. The Joint Recruitment Inclusion Form needs to be filled in by those of you who become Level A members.

The deadline for conference registration is January 29th. Please honor that, so we can adequately prepare for all participants housing requests and program preparations.

White Board Conversations

a. During the conference, we will have 2 breakout sessions based on White Board Conversation topics. Each topic will be facilitated by one of our incredible NLOMA peers.
b. If you have a White Board Conversation topic that you want included, please include that question when you register for the conference or send an email to Aaron (

We are also relaunching the Emerging Leaders Grant Application for this year’s conference. Click on that link and read what it is all about.

The purpose of an Emerging Leaders grant is to assist first time conference attendees, not currently serving at an outdoors ministry site in a permanent position, to attend the NLOMA conference. We want to encourage you to think of people in your circle who you think would benefit from the NLOMA conference. You might have some summer staff who have indicated some interest in considering full time work in outdoors ministry. Then direct them to the online conference registration page and have them complete the Emerging Leaders Grant Application. Tell them not to make a conference registration yet. We will notify them if they get approved for the grant. Those who are granted the Emerging Leaders Grants will receive a discount to attend the conference. The amount of the grants is based on how many apply and are accepted. The deadline for accepting Emerging Leaders Grant Applications is January 22nd. Decisions on who, how many and the amount of discounts will be made at that time.

We are so excited to see you all at the 2021 NLOMA Conference at Lakeview Ministries in February.

Start making your plans now! 2021 is going to be a party!

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Emerging Leaders Application