Summer Employment

Starting Your Journey: 1 Profile | 20+ Locations | 10 Weeks that Matter

The Summer Service Profile is now closed for the 2024 camp season. Please contact your camp of choice about employment opportunities for this summer. Click here to view the NLOMA Partner Camp Directory.

Many of our partner camps participate in a joint effort to recruit and hire summer staff workers. This coming summer, they will collectively employ over 500 young adults. The time of service will vary. Please check each camp’s information to see an exact date. All summer staff receive free meals and lodging for the duration of their employment.

NLOMA camps are in need of a wide variety of skills. In Joint Recruitment, we are able to pool resources to conduct interviews and receive applications from applicants from across the country. Through this process, we work together to connect you with an opportunity that meets your geographical and job preferences.

Note: When profiles are being accepted, camps may not begin offering positions until late February.

Your first step is to check out our partner camps and identify two at which you might like to serve. Then complete our summer staff hiring questionnaire.

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Next Steps

Within two weeks after submitting your NLOMA Profile, you will be contacted by your first-choice camp to schedule an interview. Your interview will be a fun time to get to talk about outdoors ministry, and if you have any questions you can get some answers. You may be hired by your first-choice camp. Otherwise, your application may be a part of Joint Recruitment Round-Up in February, where you may be considered for employment by other partner camps, after which time you will find out more.

Programs & Positions

Here are some of the positions and programs our camps have to offer.

Counselor Staff Positions

If you have a counselor staff position you are the primary caregiver for a small group of campers.

  • Cabin Counselor
  • Off-site VBS/Day Camp Leaders (Lead campers away from camp in a Day Camp Setting)
  • On-site Day Camp Leaders (Lead Campers at camp in a Day Camp setting)
  • Working With the Handicapped

Program Leadership Positions

You are leading staff and/or campers in a specific area of program and/or activities.

  • Program Director/Assistant
  • Adventure Leader
  • Ropes Course/GIC Leader
  • Off-site Trip Leaders
  • Family Camp Leaders

Program Staff Positions

You interact with staff and/or campers in a specific activity area.

  • Crafts Director
  • Waterfront/Boating
  • Lifeguard
  • Horse Care/Instruction
  • Horse Riding Instructor

Support Staff Positions

You provide the much-needed behind-the-scenes support for outdoors ministry.

  • Cook
  • Kitchen Helper
  • Dishwasher
  • Housekeeper
  • Maintenance
  • Groundskeeper
  • Medic
  • Store Keeper
  • Office Worker
  • Photographer/Audio-visual