The National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association is an association of individuals committed to helping people through outdoors ministry. Its members include camp leaders, camp staff, supporters of camping, students, and others.

The mission of the organization is to serve the Church through promoting quality outdoors ministry for all.

To accomplish this mission, NLOMA:

  1. Provides and promotes professional growth opportunities for its membership.
  2. Recruits part-time and full-time staff for Partner Camps.
  3. Promotes outdoors ministry as it applies to individuals, agencies, and institutions of the Lutheran
    Church—Missouri Synod.
  4. Serves as a support and resource network for its members.
  5. Offers on-site consultations for OM organizations.

Membership Levels

Level A ($500)

This level of membership is for individuals holding a position with an Outdoors Ministry organization where he/she are in a leadership role and has the authority to hire, fire, or discipline staff or is on the Board of Directors of said organization. Level A is designed for those individuals who wish their outdoor ministry site to receive the benefits of Joint Recruitment.

Level B ($300)

This level of membership is for individuals serving an Outdoors Ministry organization in a leadership role as above mentioned but does not wish his/her outdoor ministry site to receive the benefits of Joint Recruitment.

Level C ($100)

This level of membership is for other Outdoors Ministry employees or non-employees, who have a desire to be involved in NLOMA’s organizational structure. Examples might include: current employees, non-employees, pastors, educators, and friends desiring to establish a professional relationship with the professional organization representing Outdoors Ministry within and to the LCMS.

Level D ($25)

This level of membership is for individuals who have a newfound interest in becoming professionally involved in Lutheran Outdoors Ministry. .

Member Enrollment

Benefits of Membership

Membership Benefits Level A Level B Level C Level D
Joint Recruitment        
Receive benefits such as professional consultation, grant opportunities, and the like.        
Peer support system        
Access to the Member Dashboard on        
Vote on business and constitutional matters        
Serve on NLOMA Board of Directors        
Receive discount on conferences and events         
Receive newsletter        

The NLOMA Partner Camp Package

This package is a benefit to Level A and Level B members.

  • Organizational listing on NLOMA web page.
  • Recipient of professional occasional papers.
  • Use of Networker and web site to advertise for employees.
  • Member rates for professional evaluations, consultations and critiques of camps and programs.
  • Representation of organization at national and regional events.
  • Use of NLOMA logo and identification with an organization larger than a single camp.
  • Advocate representing outdoors ministry before Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and other organizations.
  • Lobby acting on behalf of Partner camps before synodical officers and executives.
  • A national forum for outdoors ministry and the place OM organizations have in the work of the church at large.
  • Education of ministry professionals as to the services and benefits of outdoors ministry.
  • PR of/about OM through national and regional publications, projects, services and personnel.
  • Educational opportunities for OM staff.
  • New LOM partnership venture participation.

Reminder: Level “A” or “B” members must hold a position with an outdoors ministry organization where they have authority to hire and/or discipline staff; or be on the board of directors of said organization.

The Enrollment Process

September is the annual month of membership enrollment. Your membership is for one year. Once you have completed the membership enrollment form and paid your annual dues, we will be in touch with further information regarding membership. Those taking part in Joint Recruitment will need to also complete a Joint Recruitment Application for Inclusion.

Member Enrollment