Joint Recruitment Inclusion Form

Joint Recruitment Inclusion Form

Required for all Level A partner camps.

  • All Joint Recruitment participating camps must complete the JR Inclusion form.
  • Joint Recruitment Policies

  • Camp Information

  • Who do you want to be the primary contact that receives summer service profiles and updates from the JR Chairperson? This individual must be a NLOMA Member (Level A or C) and must attend the JR selection day during the NLOMA Conference.
  • 2024 Summer Camp Information

    We understand that your staff numbers and dates may change as you make decisions and plans for summer 2024 programs.
  • You can view your Camp's existing description through the Camp Directory:
  • Commitment

    By submitting this form, your Level A member and partner camp request to be a part of NLOMA Joint Recruitment for the 2023-2024 season. You agree to have a representative (preferably a Level A NLOMA member) present at Joint Recruitment Round-Up at the conclusion of the NLOMA Conference in February 2024. Finally, you agree to use the unaltered NLOMA Summer Service Profile and Interview Form throughout your Joint Recruitment efforts.