Camp Concordia

Camp Concordia is a beach camp set among 60 acres of wooded pine trees, just 30 miles NE of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on a chain of 5 lakes. Come ready to work hard and long in order to share Jesus with kids. You will get the training! Camp leadership staff will prepare you for lifeguarding (if you are a swimmer) and leading canoeing, archery, hiking and other awesome activities. You might be eligible to train for specialty options: sailing, kayaking, mountain biking, nature crafts and zip-line; and to certify as a site-specific challenge course facilitator. All summer ministry staff live in bunkhouse style cabins with campers, near private hot showers and flush toilets. Join us and get ready to make life-long memories, life-renewing relationships and have a life-changing faith! Camp Concordia, Pinewood Street Northeast, Gowen, Michigan, USA (616) 754-3785

Summer Details

Summer Staff: 22 Counselors: 16 Report to Camp: June 1, 2021 Free to Leave Camp: July 31, 2021